I Don’t Get It

Hello my dear readers! I’m working on my new page entitled “Waiting for Eternity”. I’m very slow… I hope I can be done with it in a week or two.
Browsing this morning through blogs about God I found this interesting page and I want to share with you…
Is about God, Death and Life.
God bless.

Challenge: A Post a Day

I’m faced with another person I care about dying of cancer. For some reason, I accept death; I try to live one day at a time and appreciate each moment. When I go out in the car I think “I might die on this trip,” even if it’s an ordinary like going to yoga or the grocery store. You just NEVER know.

I’m not a religious person, but spiritual. I came to the realization that my life was finite some long time ago. I believe in a good God, not a vengeful one who will list my sins as soon as I pass out of this life. I expect the next phase of life to reveal things I don’t now understand. I don’t want to die, but I don’t fear death either.

Nevertheless, I do resent it when people I care about are snatched from this life before they want…

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16 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It

  1. Thank you for using my blog; what an honor. I totally agree with Tink the Bell. You can ask why, but it’s a pointless question. There is no why, but like many other people, I believe God has a plan for each of us. As I said, my God is nebulous, but nevertheless in charge of my life. I have to do my best in life, then turn it over. I have no doubt, usathroughoureyes, that God is awesome. One of the problems I have with religion sometimes is they tend to confine God. I believe God is more awesome than we can imagine.

    1. Yes, you are so right! God is awesome. We are his children. We just have to try to be good… 🙂 …
      I’m dreaming about Eternity, My time is not running out. Every passing day brings me closer to Eternal Life. Thank you for posting.

    2. I do still carry that. And you know from the day I heard about her prognosis I prayed constantly pleases god dont let her die but when she’d struggle to speak to ask me to reposition her feet on pilllows as she was so uncomfortable it literally hurt me, my stomach twisted and I always tried not to cry around her but it hurt her so badly to be touched and moved anyway. Her last understandable words to me when I held her hand and said I love you so much and she squeezed mine and said I love you too baby and I was about to just flood the place with tears I never cried in front of her I would go outside to cry. But this time I went out and wept and prayed please god don’t let her suffer any ionger. Please take her. End her suffering. And the next day my dad came to get me from school and told me she died last night. I was so distraught I didn’t go to school for two weeks because all I did was cry. I haven’t cried over this in years and years but recalling it here…I’m so sad but happy too. I wish no one had to suffer that way.

  2. Death is inevitable, all us mere mortals will have to face it at some point in time :)… however, as I learned while helping my late wife, and others, deal with cancer and the inevitable, I learned that while one can prepare for eternity as best as one can, one should not dwell on eternity a great deal but enjoy the moment, the day (make new memories).. for it will not come again…. 🙂

    1. I agree with you about enjoying the moment. It’s a great time for remembering pleasant events from the past and enjoying the people you care about. My friend with cancer still has her sense of humor, and her mind is clear even while on pain meds. She still welcomes friend and family who come to see her, and is grateful for the time they spend with her. Her serenity is an inspiration.

    2. It’s very refreshing to read so many positive comments about death and acceptance. Thank you for developing your blog and a community for others to share, learn, and comfort one another. There is much to be said for living in the moment and having trust, faith, for what is to come. Personally, I do not believe Jesus is the end all but I do believe every one has a right to follow the spirituality of their choosing and that is what is right for them. Bless you on your journey. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. I think of you all the time. do what you love the most. see the people you care about the most, spend each day doing what you love. Go where your heart takes you. I wish you every happiness!

  4. God is good, but part of being good is being *just.*
    If there was a murderer, a truly evil murder who wanted to kill people and we had the chance to stop them from killing people, and we didn’t wouldn’t that be wrong? If people who knew the Columbine shooters knew that they were doing wrong things and yet did not stop them, isn’t that wrong?
    Whether you like it or not, you are not perfect and neither am I. Therefore, because we have sinned and are accordingly murderers, God will have to deal justly with us.
    There is Jesus.
    Jesus took the punishment FOR us. Because of Him, we don’t have to be condemned and thrown into Hell.
    If you trust in Him as your savior, if you repent of your sins, if you ask for forgiveness HE has taken the punishment that would be yours.

  5. As a teen I took care of my maternal grandmother who died from breast cancer. she waited till the tumor broke her ribs before she saw a doctor because she was afraid to make it real and absolute. It spread to other bits, bone included and then her brain. She was first told 6 months. She lived 4 years and then died. I never want to see such suffering again. To year a woman who never complained of pain cry out the way she did was just the worst. And her being such an intelligent well-spoken woman in The end she could barely make sense. 😦 I really truly appreciate your blog. It’s beautiful. 💝

    1. That is so sad. Such suffering for her, and you, her caretaker and granddaughter. To watch someone go from being a healthy, vibrant person to wavering on the edge of sanity and unremitting pain must be heartbreaking. Certainly an experience you will carry with you (I hope with some consolation that you were with her to the end), forever. My cousin has since died — her cancer was obviously very aggressive, and it followed what you describe, but within a few months. That is a gift. I don’t dwell on the reasons for untimely death and such suffering; only God knows, and I will not grasp any of this in this mortal life.

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