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Yeah, it’s the Food!!!!!

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Did you know the World Health Organization classified processed meats (bacon, sausage,  ham, wieners, deli cuts, etc.) as a Class 1 Carcinogenic, or something that likely causes cancer (at the same level as smoking and asbestos)?

You might have heard something in the news a couple of years ago about this, but then you likely heard that butter was great for you, and fruits and veggies cause diabetes, and carbs make people fat, and a whole lot of other stuff that left you wondering what is true and what is not and who can you trust these days anyways?

You might have visited the Cancer Association website and found “healthy” recipes filled with ground beef and other meats. I mean if they say it’s okay, it must be, right?

This month Netflix released the groundbreaking documentary What the Health.  I believe that everyone needs to watch this movie. Make…

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40 thoughts on “It’s the Food

  1. I often feel so confused about what food is healthy. The information you read is seems inconsistent and it’s hard to know who to believe! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I actually have cancer and when I made the choice to go vegan people dared to look me in the eye and tell me that I was missing the healing property of meat. My reply, “Pretty sure the few stalks of broccoli I’ve eaten in my life didn’t give me cancer.” My tumor matker btw, has gone down 2 points since going vegan. I’m not in treatment so theres no doubt…its the food.

  3. Hi Anna. Thank your for posting. But reading this makes me frown. It took my brain, my mind, my soul and everything within me back to the decades of my ancestors. I wonder what they ate. Did they died of cancer or did they die of old age. Heck today in our so called modern world, doctors and scientists have become a farce, It is like the saying “who can you trust?” It made me realised that my ancestors died at the age of over 85 and 90 years of age. and having been faced with the modern world, Scientists and doctors seems to believe they know it all, or what bloody universities have thought them, but still we are dying at the age of 35 30 45 years of age. “Hey Modern World, What is going on?” When our ancestors ruled the world, there were not paracetamol, and nothing like scans that detected what was happening inside their bodies, they lived a purity healthy lifestyle, and today our modern doctors can see inside them but we are losing the battle even before we reach 30 years old. The only question remained is “WHERE HAVE THE WORLD GONE WRONG?” and again “WHO CAN YOU TRUST?” I hope you are doing fine Anna. Don’t allow scientists to scare you away. Eat what you want, and keep healthy! God bless you! Thinking of you always! Take care and have a wonderful week!

    1. Cancer has been around a lot longer than people are lead to believe. Unfortunately, too much of anything can be bad. Also, we put a lot of junk in our food when it gets processed. This is so it won’t spoil but it is not good for us either.

      1. Hello Delilah. It is very true. there are all sorts of condiments that may have things in them that are not healthy for the body. long ago I am sure most of the food were organic and original. So glad to read from you. Happy weekend to you! Juli

  4. I don’t listen anymore to what the so-called “experts” say because in a few years they will be singing a different tune. Sadly, our food supply is a disaster and nothing consumed in large quantities is good for you. With the exception of organic (if you can afford it or if it’s available) everything else is full of hormones, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, mercury, or is genetically modified.

    Processed foods are harmful even in small amounts so it’s no surprise that the foods you’ve mentioned cause cancer. Thanks for sharing, going to watch this movie.

  5. Going the low carbs + healthier high fat route ( LCHF) got me my health n vigour back. Learnt a lot from sites like dietdoctor, lowcarbislekker, leanne vogel, realmealrevolution, jason fung etc…as a mark of gratitude to God compiled my own blog book of info n recipes ( in the hope of assisting someone else out there.

  6. I have not eaten “red” meat in 40 years. Don’t miss it. No chicken in several months and very little dairy. I’m pretty healthy for 61. But it’s mostly because I love animals. Maybe I’ll be all vegan one day, but for now, I have vegan days, vegan weeks… one day at a time.

  7. I not only read this but watched the movie. Enlightening information. I wish I could say surprising but unfortunately I can not. This is just one more reason my husband and I have chosen to live the lifestyle we have. Thank You for posting this here for all to see!

  8. It’s always confuse seeing a lot of posts on which might cause cancer and which might lead to I just ignore every posts but I am going to watch it.hope it helps thanks for the effort 😊

  9. Delilah L. Veronese, I agree that everything boils down to moderation. If I eat too many carbs at once, I get sick because I’m a diabetic. I also have cancer and one day I ate too much low sodium bacon and got sick to my stomach and I’m on a high protein, low carb/sugar diet and I still got sick… Bottom line anything will get you sick if you have too much.

    Thank you for this post.

  10. I found “What the Health” on Netflix while browsing. It put me in mind of “Food, Inc.” another documentary about how our food comes to us and eating a more healthy diet.
    I began a long time ago eating foods I cook from scratch. Eating out of a box is rare in my home. It’s easier to do because I live alone, but I would have a difficult time NOT doing it this way. My meals are healthier and taste better. I rarely get sick. I enjoy cooking and offer a “Foodie” post on my blog on most Fridays.
    Thanks for stopping by “The Fruitful Life” and liking a post. I appreciate it. Look for me on Fridays too. And thanks for giving hope to people who want to live healthier through their diet.

  11. I’m a vegetarian and I wouldn’t want bits of meat rotting in my colon. A colon is miles long and some food gets caught in there where it attracts bacteria and yeast. Food with fiber goes through quickly and some foods clean out the colon.

  12. Interesting … today’s “CBS Sunday Morning” was all about cancer, with a segment on food. “Eat the rainbow,” one person said – a range of colorful vegetables.

  13. It is very right that what we eat, has a lot of effect on our physical and mental health. In my opinion also, vegetarian food is good for our health and to keep ourselves away from many diseases. Even when we have illnesses, in several cases, these can be controlled through our diet. Hence diet control is most important.

  14. Just watched this and it just confirmed for me why I should avoid eating meat altogether. I keep the images of the pus pouring out of the infected animals in my mind when walking past the meat isles in the grocery stores. 😜

  15. You might be interested in viewing the documentary Forks Over Knives. Also Michael Greger, M.D. has He reviews nutrition science studies and puts together nutrition year in review videos. Also many short videos on food and diseases related to food. One of the best aspects of his website is that he has a link to cites so reader is able to look up the studies he references themselves. Also transcript if you like to read instead of watch a video.

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