Remember to Remember

Remembering to take GINKGO BILOBA pill helps me remember to take the pill.

More dangerous than forgetting,
Is to forget that you have forgotten.

More dangerous than forgetting,
Is to forget there was anything to know, something to remember….

For the truth to have sunken beneath the surface and be buried on the bottom of the ocean

For then,
You do not know that you do not know.
Your ignorance is total,
And your remembrance is forgotten.

Do not forget the one thing that truly matters

Remember oneself
Remember the existential
Remember the Real
Remember to remember

Remember THIS!

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9 thoughts on “Remember to Remember

  1. For improved memory, I take Lion’s Mane…. love the name, but it has nothing to do with actual cats. In fact, it is a bizarre looking mushroom, but I feel sharper when I take it.
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. good evening Anna! this is a very strong poem. “Remember the existential”
    “Remember to remember” – your poem is very strong! a very strong message. Without existence, what would we remember – the living exist, as such is the departed, they exist too, not in reality, but in memory, deed, remembrance. “remember to remember” is very powerful. Thank you for your sweet teachings Anna. Take care of yourself, and have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Dear Anna
    I am here again, thinking of you so deeply. I hope that you are doing good, strong, healthy and enjoying the super days of life. Bless you. I am here for a special something I have done for you.

    I have nominated you for the “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD.” Please go to mine, check and follow the steps what you need to do next. I just want to wish you all the best for the is Award! Good Luck with it!

    Have a wonderful warm summer Sunday! Kisses from me and my girl!

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