Why be healthy?

There are many, many reasons to be healthy.
I love this post, so I’m sharing it with you my Dear Readers.
Be happy and healthy.
God bless you all.
Pray for Peace.

13 thoughts on “Why be healthy?

  1. This person asked: “Why go vegetarian, to be healthy”? Good Lord, the first thing vegetarianism is about is not eating animals! Insulting to decide to spare life if we find it is not beneficial to ourselves. 😦 If we decide fellow life is not edible, we will never second guess our decision. If we do it only with ourselves in mind, “Is it healthier”; we can be swayed back and forth. You either believe animal life is as imporant as ours or you don’t. Here’s the best answer to: “Why be vegetarian”? Because it’s healthier for animals to not be eaten and it turns out, healthier for ourselves as well! [SMILE}

    Forget ahout this person’s quote and remember this. Vegetarian does not mean only eating vegetables. It replaces, IMPROVES one food group; We aren’t even eliminating proteins, only refusing anything that had a face. Every other food group as usual: fruit, vegetable, grain, pulse…. You can make the same recipes that used to have meat! Stores sell veggie ground beef, meatless burgers and hotdogs, meatless chicken and turkey. You are only touching up one food group. This lifestyle is never about only eating one thing! An erroneous impression people have that is very outdated. You know that. You are one of the most well-informed people I have ever seen. Xoxoxoxo.

  2. Hi anna, good morning! Seen you have been writing about keeping and eating healthy. Good news from you. Keep up the good vibes. Continue to eat healthy, a bit of exercise and plenty of sleep! Been thinking of you since yesterday. Continue to write. Hoping to read from you more and more. Juli

  3. Enjoy your vegetable and feel better. I changed my diet as soon as I could choose what I ate without my elders and betters (adults) insisting they knew best. At 81, I’m still hale and hearty Dei gratia, and relishing my food as well as my good health. Keep posting, and may your health get better and better too.

  4. β€œThe average person uses more care in selecting the grade of gasoline into their automobiles than they do the food they put in their mouth.” Wow!! That is a great quote! Thank you for your thoughts and honesty!

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