As Benjamin Franklin said long time ago:
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Eat healthy to be healthy and happy…
God bless you all.
Pray for Peace.


  1. Hello brave girl…thank you for “liking” my post titled in the kitchen….I apologize that the formatting was all off, making it very hard to read, indeed. I’m new at this and trying to learn while making mistakes. It’s so encouraging to know that others actually read what I wrote. I have taken it off my site until I correct the formatting and then send it back into the world! Thanks again.

  2. Good morning Anna. Thank you for visiting me. It’s been a bit of sometime since I visited you. I love the post about food. I love chickpeas, I never misses them in my cupboard at home. And I am keen vegetable eater always. Thank you for reminding us of them all. I hope you are doing good and that your late Summer-early Autumn is shining together with the sun and that your garden is still blooming. I remember you every day in my prayers. I am glad you are still doing strong and writing all the food posts for us. You make me smile – you see! haha. Well my sweetie pie, you take care of yourself, and let us know what is going on. Keep writing. we want to read them all. Love you and leave you. sweet kisses from me and my girl!

  3. All foods that form a regular part of my diet too. We are what we eat. I remember reading a snippet from the first cookery-book I ever owned. It was written by Maura Laverty, a famous Irish cook in the Dublin of the 1950s and 60s, who said, “If you put in good ingredients, only good can come from your cooking and the meals you prepare.”

  4. Now that looks delicious! A bit like what is on offer at our weekly village market… 🙂

    I’m sure somewhere you have mentioned natural local honey as I cringe when I see people taking all those antihistamines.

  5. Seeing the corn in the image surprised me – I’d not seen anything linking it with being good for cancer.. but I am not online much and don’t see ‘the printed’ word often either… I know that many cultures use the corn silk as a ‘tea’ or with other items in a tea for medicinal reasons.. Anyway, it’s good to be online and peeking at your posts – you are Ms Sunshine as always!

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