Hurricane Irma, Category 5, coming to my beloved Florida -Friends, need your Prayers, pretty please.

Plants and Beyond

I love living in Sunny Florida. Really do. But how do I get through this Nature’s fury? Can’t uplift 3 dogs, parents in law and kids. Roads are blocked with escaped families, no air tickets available to fly out, water sold out in stores…….Prayers needed badly to push this beast back to the Atlantic ocean. Wish us luck and safety, please, dear friends. Pretty please.



Under my Mom’s insistence, this is a part of our emergency shopping uplifted to the second floor, just in case of flooding…….Billiard table finally came in handy 🙂


Lots of hugs,

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48 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma, Category 5, coming to my beloved Florida -Friends, need your Prayers, pretty please.

  1. We are praying and meditating, as well. My brother-in-law and his family live in Orlando. But we would pray and meditate for the people in the affected areas, anyway. Also for those, who already have been hit by the hurricane.
    Much love to everybody out there and much love to you, dear Anna!
    ❤ Steffi

  2. hello oneanna65 its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hope that irma is staying far away frum yoo since it deesided to vizzit the gulf koast insted of the atlantik koast!!! i am sending yoo lots of vizsla tail wags and the hipster kitties send purrs!!! ok bye

  3. We came through Irma without severe problems. How about you? Did you lose power or internet? Were you in a hard-hit area and/or did you need to evacuate? Is there anything specific we need to pray for?

  4. Anna thank you for posting this sad situation. I watched the news on news about the storm from the Atlantic ocean. I felt how much sufferings it has caused in the Caribbean and the USA. I have asked myself questions time over time, but no response as to why. Nature knows that they are stronger than Man, but why do they batter us this way? And what have we done to embrace such kind of tragedy? In other words, we love nature, we take care of nature, we even spend money to travel to go and see nature, but then on, we take on the sufferings.
    It makes me believe that before the world was built, nature had it all, it belonged to them. Does nature wants their spaces back? Or are we human beings not taking care enough of the spaces we took from nature? Something has gone wrong somewhere! We need to find out. I believe the behaviours of us human beings have gone from bad to worse on this planet earth! We desperately need to find out the answers as to why are we being battered by the “living things” we love and adore so much!
    (above are extracts for a post I have made but posted)

  5. Thanks for the Like on my blog. And I hear you on Irma. I am a Floridian and was in the path as well. No structural damage here, just a lot of landscape stuff and electric off for three days. We are all on the road to getting back to normal. I wish the same could be said for Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean.

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