Praying for Rain in the Pacific Northwest (another modern day apocalypse)

Praying for Huston,Florida and rain in the Pacific Northwest.
Sending ❤ and hugs to all who have bigger problems than mine.
God bless you all.

Tipsy Typer

This beautiful green haven I call home is burning down. We are choking on smoke and watching as the physical reminders of our past and our adventures sail away on the wind, nothing more than ash when it departs. My home, this place that I have spent my whole life, is awash in flames. We are fighting; our first responders are working tirelessly, using every method available to save the gorge. But we don’t know how long it will take or what we will lose in the midst of this battle.

A forest fire is burning 4 miles from my dad’s home. Yesterday I spent my day driving through the smoke and the ash to get there. I went through my childhood home to determine what was worth saving and what wasn’t. Something you never realize until you are in that situation: very few things actually matter at that point…

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20 thoughts on “Praying for Rain in the Pacific Northwest (another modern day apocalypse)

  1. The conditions are improving and the fire is being contained. The fire has taken its toll but can’t destroy the beauty of the Gorge or the resilience of our spirits. Thank you for prayers.

  2. If only there was a way to send water/rain to the draught-stricken areas from those with such an abundance that they are dealing with floods!
    We live about 3 miles inland along the Space Coast and have taken as many precautions as possible (prepare for the worst, hope for the best). I’m sure you’ve done the same. That said, at minimum, I expect a tropical storm, which will be annoying & let me tell you, my weeds do NOT need any more encouraging rain.
    I’ve scheduled some blogs because there is a possibility of losing power and/or internet.
    Hope to hear good things from your experience, next week!

    1. Yes! Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the rain to go to the dry places, and for less rain to fall in the flooded areas?
      It seems like the weather of the world is somehow getting more extreme.
      In recent years, there are more records broken about bigger rains, droughts, fires, or winds. That Hurricane Harvey in Texas and that Hurricane Irma headed towards Florida, while terrible, have and will have a tiny impact compared to what’s already going on now in Bangladesh.
      Let’s all pray that everyone is safe and happy, and that the world will return to balance.

      1. I completely agree that more minds focused on something make it more likely to happen. I also believe that one needs to focus on the positive outcome desired.

  3. It seems that every year, in the summer, these problems occur in the USA, Europe, here in Brazil as well.
    And I think because it is not possible to prevent these catastrophes, from fire to hurricanes, if are they predictable?
    Why do not regiment an army of people to prevent the start of the fire?

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Wishing for rain!!!

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    On Sep 8, 2017 11:24 AM, “cancer killing recipe” wrote:

    > oneanna65 posted: “Praying for Huston,Florida and rain in the Pacific > Northwest. Sending God bless you all. Oneanna65” >

  5. So much attention has been given to the hurricanes that it is only recently that focus has turned to all the fires happening in the West. How very sad and unnerving. Hope we see things turning around soon. Well wishes and prayers that the fires will calm down and extinguish soon.

  6. Your selflessness shines through with your wishes for those in the path of nature’s fury, and your thought that our troubles are not the only troubles in the world.
    I join in the prayer of the great spirit of humankind, that we wish to relieve suffering and help all of nature’s children find peace.
    Some say “The Lord acts in mysterious ways.”
    I say we can not always understand nature’s way, nor can we oppose it.

    Wish for peace for all the Earth, the living things and the non-living as well.


  7. This is a beautiful post. I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life, but the Pacific Northwest has been somewhere that I’ve daydreamed about living for a long time. Hearing about the terrible fires makes my heart hurt so much. I’ll be sure to keep you in my prayers❤️

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