It Just Makes Frankin-cense

Hi everyone!
Rebloged this interesting post from FABULOUSLYFIGHTING.
I use this oil once a day on the bottom of my feet.
If you ask me if this is helping me, well, I can tell you only this:
God bless you all.

9 thoughts on “It Just Makes Frankin-cense

  1. I’m all about oils. I distribute Young Living and use oils, including frankincense regularly. For years my thyroid was off; now three years after using oils regularly, my blood work was excellent and according to my doctor my thyroid is “beautiful” along with my sugar handling. Keep with the oils. Good luck to you! ❤

  2. I’ve tried it in “rock form” I’m not sure if that’s the correct term lol! I tried to boil it and it smelled really bad. I haven’t used it since. I rediscovered it in my medicine cabinet and want to try it out again but in a different way.

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