Accepting death

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One more very interesting view on Death….
I don’t need to live 100 years to be happy. I’m happy today…..
God bless you all.

the girl in pink

I’ve recently been asked by multiple people how I stay so positive while going through something so difficult and challenging. If I’m being completely honest, the answer is quite simple- accepting that death may come a little sooner than you had once anticipated.

I know death is a difficult subject. The majority of people have a hard time accepting the death of a loved one or dear friend, let alone their own death. It is too often seen as the worst possible outcome.

Perhaps if it was seen in a more positive light those who suffer/suffered from a physical illness could live a happier and more fulfilling life.

I’m not saying it’s an easy pill to swallow. It’s not like I woke up one morning and decided that I was okay with my life ending at such a young age. It took a few months, and much thought but I…

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10 thoughts on “Accepting death

  1. Yes death is hard to accept when it is someone else and especially when it is a young child, teen or young adult. However I find that the older I get the less I fear death. I know it will happen one day so I try to enjoy as much in life as I can each and every day. I think this is a lesson each and every one of us learns as we age.

  2. Hello! As the Son of a 53 YEAR SURVIVOR… FIVE SETS “OF”… My MOTHER has BEEN GIBRALTAR’S ‘MODEL’! As SHE has had the SIXTH begin to UNRAVEL the “strippings” and, replacements , as a retiree of Ohio’s “Youth Commission” LIFE , and DEATH ARE the part of “FORWARD”. At Her first bout,she was “teased” by a young girl that had run away from the facility in Delaware, Ohio area, (Scioto Village), to return Pregnant, at THIRTEEN. She tussled with “MOM” , yanking OFF the New WIG. As She did she began Labor pains, MOM took her to the Hospital, where ANTOINE FISHER came “INTO FOCUS”. That Young Woman died of Her HEROIN ADDICTION… SUDDENLY’, “unexpectedly” Her Son had a movie made of the “trials”. Mother bought plots for Her TWO Sons , placing each at Her side. One WAS an Addict, the other runs a business that CLEANS CRIME SCENES. ANTICIPATION, and PREPARATION.
    THE Author of “this” RECIPE SERVES it EXTREMELY …

  3. I empathize. Cancer has visited my family also. My grandson had it when he was three. He survived brain cancer with chemo and stem cell replacement. Then when he was fourteen his mother, our daughter-in-law passed away from colon cancer. That was a little over a year ago. Now last month my wife’s cousin died from cancer. You would figure that with all the research there would be a cure.

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