Vitamin D

Be healthy and happy!
God bless you all.

According to Life Extension, Vitamin D is a hormone not a Vitamin. Whatever you want to call it, most of us are deficient in it and thats a shame. Ask your Dr. to have your Vitamin D level checked. I wish I had years ago. Why?

I used to sweat on the top of my head all the time, and it drove me nuts. I learned years later that “head sweating” is one of the many symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency. Also, at that time I started noticing the hair on top of my head began thinning. Was that another sign? Yes. Fast forward: when I finally got my Vitamin D level checked several years later I was severely deficient. Severely.

So, what is an optimal level? After a very long time, I am now at a level of 57. I routinely have my Vitamin D level checked –…

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5 thoughts on “Vitamin D

  1. I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia because mine was so low. After a couple years of taking the recommended dose of vitamin D, my level is finally at 55. It took the full 2 years though for my levels to go up. Great information here… wish more people knew about this, it would save so many people who suffer with chronic pain.

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