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According to Life Extension, Vitamin D is a hormone not a Vitamin. Whatever you want to call it, most of us are deficient in it and thats a shame. Ask your Dr. to have your Vitamin D level checked. I wish I had years ago. Why?

I used to sweat on the top of my head all the time, and it drove me nuts. I learned years later that “head sweating” is one of the many symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency. Also, at that time I started noticing the hair on top of my head began thinning. Was that another sign? Yes. Fast forward: when I finally got my Vitamin D level checked several years later I was severely deficient. Severely.

So, what is an optimal level? After a very long time, I am now at a level of 57. I routinely have my Vitamin D level checked –…

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9 thoughts on “Vitamin D

  1. I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia because mine was so low. After a couple years of taking the recommended dose of vitamin D, my level is finally at 55. It took the full 2 years though for my levels to go up. Great information here… wish more people knew about this, it would save so many people who suffer with chronic pain.

  2. I have observed lately that my father has been sweating a lot on the head. He is suffering from pancreatic cancer. Sadly, none of the doctors here ever mention anything about electrolyte and vitamin imbalance. Thank you very much for this post. I will have my dad’s Vitamin D checked.

  3. Very interesting – I had no idea it was a hormone – thanks for that…. actually, curiously enough, when the doctor was taking blood from me the other day (thyroid problems) she also suggested a vitamin D check and the results showed that I needed to take the stuff… so bought a big carton of cod liver oil caps! Thanks again! 🙂

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