Is there any relationship between Papaya and Cancer?


Welcome back to the new step of becoming healthy. 😀

As we all know our diet keeps us most healthy in life. Fruits and vegetables are important in daily diet. Papaya is also great fruit for the body.

Papaya is a fleshy fruit with a rapid pulp softening during ripening.

Dietary fiber are generally considered carbohydrates that are incompletely processed by human digestive enzymes but can provide health benefits, such as lowering risk of colorectal cancer ( cancer wich affects colon and rectum) development. Fruits and vegetables are rich in pectin, a soluble dietary fiber found in plant cell walls.

Many types of pectin, especially the modified ones have been associated with anti-cancer activity in both in vitro and in vivo studies, such as the reduction of cell proliferation, migration, adhesion and the induction of apoptosis. These anti-cancer activities were shown for modified pectins of citrus, apple, sugar beet and…

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6 thoughts on “Is there any relationship between Papaya and Cancer?

  1. Are the anti-cancer properties present in the green fruit as well as when it ripens?
    I ask this because my favorite way to eat papaya is the green one (white seeds are still white). I put it in the shredder & put lime juice on it to make a yummy coleslaw substitute. We live in the sub-tropics and can’t grow cabbage, but papayas are a snap to grow. That said, I imagine that it must be very difficult to find green ones when one can’t simply get one from the back yard. However, IF you try this, you can make a nice luncheon dish from the ‘slaw’ by adding minced sun-dried tomatoes, sautéed shrimp and a dash of pepper.

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