Health benefits of raspberries 

Here is one more for your Health – delicious Raspberry!
Wishing you all very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!
God bless you all.

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Eat Me: Reduces wrinkles, low in calories… six reasons to love raspberries


Apart from being rich in vitamins and fibre, raspberry is a delicious fruit with various health benefits.

It contains a high concentration of ellagic acid which prevents cancer and stops the growth of cancer cells.

Furthermore, it helps to lose weight and also has anti-ageing properties.

Raspberry is easy to include in your diet. You can either include it in some recipes, eat it raw, or add to drinks.

Here are six reasons raspberry is good for your health.

Weight loss

If you are looking for a delicious and effective way to lose weight, raspberry can be the best natural option. Raspberry contains fibre which aids in slowing down the digestive process, keeps your metabolic rate high, and thereby burns fat.

Reduces wrinkles

Raspberries work like magic on wrinkles. The vitamin C content effectively reduces…

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36 thoughts on “Health benefits of raspberries 

      1. Google Rubus occidentalis – that’s the main species, but I’m not sure which particular sub-species we have – my husband brought the plant home about 4 years ago. Knowing him, he traded plants with someone.

      1. I agree that they are delicious, but they are treacherous to weed…. actually it seems like the majority of our fruit have thorns, so weeding is usually a challenge.

  1. No doubt that raspberries, red or black are super healthy. As one approaching a milestone age I never dreamed I would, I advise men, especially to use the berries rather than pills to control hypertension, weight gain, vision or any prostate issues. Major Props on writing this! Happy New Year!

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