Almost Half of Cancer Related Deaths are Due to Modifiable Risk Factors

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Dr Lisa Vislocky @ LiVe Nutrition

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According to newly published research, approximately 42% of cancer cases and 45% of cancer deaths are related to modifiable risk factors such as cigarette smoking, diet and lifestyle, and viral infections.

Modifiable is important because it means alterable – we can reduce our risk significantly by changing these “factors.”

This is good news! These results suggest that WE can significantly reduce our risk of developing certain cancers. 😀

This newly published study investigated 1,570,975 cancer cases, 26 cancer types, and 17 modifiable risk factors.

The top risk factors related to cancer diagnoses and deaths were smoking, overweight, and alcohol consumption.

BUT, of the 17 modifiable risk factors investigated, 8 were related to diet and exercise. These 8 risk factors accounted for approximately 20.8% and 18.1% of newly diagnosed cancer cases and cancer-related deaths, respectively.

The diet/exercise risk factors and the percentage of cancer diagnoses attributable…

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