Cardamom (Elatteria Cardamomum)

Hello, hello everybody!
Maybe someone needs a pinch of Cardamom to feel better?
Wishing you all Good Health and Happiness!
God bless you all.


Cardamom (Elaichi) is the third most expensive spice after vanilla & saffron and definitely the most used spice for making sweets in India. Flavor, aroma, and a minty taste is what makes it so popular all over the world.

Its health benefits are however not so commonly known… P1100390

Used in many mouth fresheners, cardamom truly refreshes the breath, but it is also recommended to relieve dental problems according to ancient Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Your stomach benefits from it too as it cures gastrointestinal problems and inhibits the growth of dangerous microbes that cause food poisoning!

Cardamom detoxifies the body of free radicals to keep cancer and premature aging away. So next time you complement someone for looking younger, ask them if their secret is cardamom! 😀

A cup of tea with a either a pinch of cardamom powder or even a whole cardamom (in case you don’t…

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11 thoughts on “Cardamom (Elatteria Cardamomum)

  1. The first time I had cardamom was when an Indian friend gave me some sweets with it. It’s a polenta cake, cooked in gee with cardamom. It’s so yummy.

  2. Interesting reading. I like cardamon in tea, with cinnamon, lovely aroma in freshly ground coffee, great in chocolate cakes. There are a few different varieties which I have come across a large brown /black one, almost as big as an almond as well as the smaller grey green. Everything in moderation. Would it be possible to reference some of your very interesting articles? Its good to know where some of the science or/and ancient wisdoms originate from as well as anything from your own experience. Fantastically helpful blog.

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