Sing Along With Me

Forgetting to remember…

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Last week, as I was leaving a family dinner at my parent’s house, my Dad hugged me and said quickly “We need to talk.”  He sounded concerned, and so I decided to take him out for coffee later that week so that we could have some privacy.  My Dad is retired and has dementia, so he is home with my Mom 99% of the time; because he can no longer drive, his life has become limited to the things he can do with my mother.  I figured that my Mom could use some time alone, and my Dad could use an excuse to get out of the house, so we set a date to go out for coffee.

By the time I could get to my parent’s house to pick up my father, he had already had two cups of coffee and really didn’t feel like having more caffeine, so…

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6 thoughts on “Sing Along With Me

  1. Thank you for sharing Anna, it was indeed a very interesting post. I hope yourself you are in the best of health and being happy and that your 2018 is doing justice in everything for you. I wish you a wonderful Sunday and let’s hope your week is going to be beautiful too! stay safe! Juli

  2. Sharing troubles is indeed a way of halving them. Too many try to brush problems under the carpet and out of sight, but that causes more harm than good. Thank you for sharing, it is a valuable addition to be mentally stored. Another little nugget to add to the golden oldies.

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