Do You Know All the Dangers of Soda?

Hi everyone!
I found one more great post for you all.
Well, if you want to be healthy you have to say good bye to you favorite soda.
Sorry about it.
Cheers!!! With a tall glass of filtered water.
God bless you all.

Healthy Living Tribe

“Carbonated soft drinks account for more than 27 percent of Americans’ beverage consumption.” (Liquid Candy — How Soft Drinks are Harming Americans’ Health — Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D. ) 

This is an amazing statistic, that is a huge percentage. And it is negatively affecting our nation’s health.

Many people feel that these drinks are safe and no big deal. However, the evidence is out there showing the harm that these beverages cause. Despite the research, the companies making these drinks often promote them as “good” choices for our diet.

The soft-drink industry has consistently portrayed its products as being positively healthful, saying they are 90% water and contain sugars found in nature.

A poster that the National Soft Drink Association provided to teachers in the past stated:

As refreshing sources of needed liquids and energy, soft drinks represent a positive addition to a well-balanced diet…   These same three sugars also occur naturally, for example…

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16 thoughts on “Do You Know All the Dangers of Soda?

  1. I’m a hypocrite. While I know that soda consumption is hardly good for me, I still indulge in a drink or two occasionally.
    But in my defense, I don’t drink anywhere near what I used to drink and I don’t drink sugarfree (as-part-a-me) stuff at all.

  2. Good post & it brings awareness. Never been much of a soda person, and, i’m sorry soda lovers, no offense. i use it clean coins or jewelry and I heard it works really well to clean the toilet…🙃🙃☀️☀️

  3. Thank you Anna for your kind thoughts. I still love fizzy drinks which I had today a Fanta. But I knew it wasn’t healthy at all. I hope you are healthy and keeping warm. I wish you a happy Sunday!

  4. hello oneanna65 its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada wunse wurkd with sumbuddy hoo evry day wood fil an entire trash kan full of kans of mowntin doo!!! my dada sez he duz not no how that persun cud funkshun with that mutch shoogar and kaffeen in his sistem!!! ok bye

  5. I’m feeling very smug as I read, since I gave up soft drinks several years ago. However, I understand that the real evil is the sugar and corn syrup. We don’t eat any products with corn syrup in the family because of my husband’s sensitivity, but sugar is still being served. Not as much as in the past, but I haven’t entirely eliminated it yet. Working on it. Thanks for reinforcing that what we eat is the foundation for our health. I’m a believer, but it has been a long, hard lesson.

  6. I like this post because I don’t like soda! It’s easy to be healthy if you don’t have to give up anything you like or include things you don’t like. I guess that’s why we are an unhealthy nation.

  7. I find it unbelievable that nowadays they suggest to make your WATER taste better. 70% of us is water. It should be a no-brainer that soda can’t substitute for it lol.

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