it’s okay to not be okay

Hi everyone!
I found this very interesting page and I want to share with you.
If you will be happy all the time you will die without knowing that you were the happiest of all….. 🙂 !
Be happy!
But not all the time.
God bless you all.

a d i a m i l l e r

i just want to let you guys know: i preach happiness as much as i can. the world cannot have too much joy. however, we can’t be happy all the time. there will be times where we wake up or go to bed with a heaviness in our hearts, a pit in our stomach, and a tear in our eye. and that is 100% okay.

i believe in the power of choosing happiness. i believe if you wake up and choose to be cheerful, then your day will be that way. if you wake up and think of all the negatives floating in your head, then your result will have a bad day. count your blessings the minute you wake up, not your negatives.

but even if we count our blessings and make our favorite coffee, sometimes life just looks gloomier than the last. we may go to bed feeling mentally…

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9 thoughts on “it’s okay to not be okay

  1. I wish it would be that easy for me but unfortunately, despite all my strength and meds, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. (bipolarity 2 with affective disorder and severe anxiety disorder)
    Peace and serenity

  2. Dear friend,

    It is like day and night, like good and bad – they come from the same coin but let us appreciate, when a storm is over, when a long night has passed – both contribute to grow…

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend

  3. You have to have known sadness to appreciate happiness. Happiness is a choice even in the most difficult of circumstances. I was widowed in my 40s and if I had chosen to always be sad my children would have had a miserable childhood. I always felt laughter in our home brought their Dad nearer to us.

    Love your posts, keep on sending them….

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