it’s okay to not be okay

Hi everyone!
I found this very interesting page and I want to share with you.
If you will be happy all the time you will die without knowing that you were the happiest of all….. 🙂 !
Be happy!
But not all the time.
God bless you all.

9 thoughts on “it’s okay to not be okay

  1. I wish it would be that easy for me but unfortunately, despite all my strength and meds, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. (bipolarity 2 with affective disorder and severe anxiety disorder)
    Peace and serenity

  2. Dear friend,

    It is like day and night, like good and bad – they come from the same coin but let us appreciate, when a storm is over, when a long night has passed – both contribute to grow…

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend

  3. You have to have known sadness to appreciate happiness. Happiness is a choice even in the most difficult of circumstances. I was widowed in my 40s and if I had chosen to always be sad my children would have had a miserable childhood. I always felt laughter in our home brought their Dad nearer to us.

    Love your posts, keep on sending them….

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