After one week vacation in cheap Hotel I moved to my Friends house.
I’m still recovering,trying to figure out what I should do next.
I have many options, but I’m not sure…

Few days ago I cracked open Fortune Cookie and this what I read:
“You know where you are going and how to get there.”
I wish!!!

You know, it is very difficult to decide which way to go when you are older.
When you are young everything is much easier. If you find yourself at the crossroads you just go any direction. If you don’t liked, you can run back and take the other road.
But when you are older it is not so easy to run so you may get stuck on the wrong track, in the wrong place much longer than you wish…

I wish I’m that Alice in Wonderland:
One day Alice came to the fork in the road and saw a Cheshire Cat in a tree.
“Which road do I take?” She asked.
“where do you want to go?” Was his response.
“I don’t know.” Alice answered.
“Then”, said the cat, “It doesn’t matter.”

No matter which road I will take I will only run to new Wander…

But Life is not a Fairy Tale.

Somebody said:
“There are times in our lives where we find ourselves at a crossroads without road map. The decision we make in those moments can define the rest of our lives.”

Soon I have to decide.
I will probably take the road where I have been before… for better or worse…

I just want to be sure I’m in the right place… 🙂 !

Thank you for visiting.

God bless you all.

26 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. When I look backward, my choices seem to have been made with a path in mind, but looking forward feels very confusing. Good luck with finding your next step.

  2. I love this post. I’m 37 and feel the same way. Never know which way to go. I asked God to help me do what I cannot do for myself a few weeks ago. And I think he did and I am still getting past it. It takes time. I am trying to do things I’m not used to so I can get a different result. I’m tired of being scared and anxious. I’m going slow. Best of luck to you!!

  3. Don’t look back so much. Be like Peter Pan and Wendy just follow your star, and keep right on until morning. Everything looks better when the dawn comes, what you need is what I am asking the Lord for, for myself, clarity and believe it or not, He is giving it….

  4. Storytime,

    There was a flood coming, everyone was told to evacuate.

    One man said no, the Lord will provide.

    Water was up to his porch, a boat came by, he said no the Lord will provide.

    Water got into his house, another boat came, he said no the Lord will provide.

    Water kept rising, he was on his roof and a helicopter came, he said again the Lord will provide.

    Water swept away the house and the man drowned.

    Standing before the Lord the man asked, why didnt you provide?

    God answered, I sent two boats and a helicopter, what more did you need?


    Don’t overlook the obvious, if a door opens step through. Don’t expect a parting of the waters, it rarely happens.
    Don’t wait, move and act in faith even if you think you hear nothing nothing from God, most of the time the Lords answers are like those boats, right in front of our eyes but we are expecting something more.

    Take care.

  5. From the poem “The Road Not Traveled” by Robert Frost…

    “I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.”

    Like Mr. Frost I took the one least traveled and it has, indeed, made all the difference, I find life much more enjoyable… 🙂

  6. Nobody said it was going to be easy 🙂
    If it helps in any way, everyone else is in the same situation, having to take decisions without knowing the outcome. Even the role models and the people perceived as successful.

  7. Once when I was at a crossroad of life, after much prayer, the Lord spoke to my heart in a dream and told me to follow Him. I wonder if it’s not so much about which road-along as both are honorable-as it is how we travel it. Praying you have peace in your decision.

  8. I love the Alice in Wonderland quote. It is true that knowing where you want to go can help in choosing your route. I’m someone who never plans that far ahead, and I take whichever road…but I can see how eventually this might not be the wisest choice. Good luck with your decisions! (Maybe the cookie is right and you do already know…)

  9. When I was younger it was much harder figuring out where to go. Now at 59 at least I know which roads go nowhere or end badly. Of course once in a while I go there anyway then beat myself up afterwards.

  10. That’s the beauty of trusting in a God who knows and cares and who orchestrates the days of our lives. No matter what happens or where you go, He will use that to bring glory to His name through your faithfulness. He will use you, and grow you, and challenge you, and bless you. It will be a fantastic amazing adventure!! Thanks for the follow!

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