Backyard Nutrition: The Many Benefits of Dandelion

Hi everyone!
I love Dandelions!
Take a closer look on this interesting plant.
God bless you all.


By Abrar Al-Shaer

With the spring season upon us, backyards and open fields are filled with a sea of yellow. Dandelions are often thought of as the household weed; however, this backyard plant contains hundreds of health benefits, and all for free! Each part of the dandelion plant is edible, containing various phytochemicals and nutrients. The yellow dandelion flower contains many antioxidants, such as beta-carotenes, giving it the yellow pigment. Antioxidants are important for maintaining healthy cells in our bodies and preventing diseases such as cancer. One cup of the flower along with the leaves and stem also contain 150% of the daily requirement for vitamin A, an essential vitamin for healthy eyesight and immunity. If you are unsure of how to consume these nutritious dandelion flowers, fear not, they can be deliciously enjoyed in dandelion fritters. You may wonder, is there any health benefit of the dandelion flower…

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10 thoughts on “Backyard Nutrition: The Many Benefits of Dandelion

  1. Wow! Who would’ve guessed such a hated little plant could be beneficial. There has to be a lesson in this someplace. Thanks for an interesting read. I’m trying to decide if I will try it. Have you?

  2. I keep meaning to dig some from my parents yard to eat..but I do enjoy an herbal “coffee” in the evenings of dandelion/chickcory root and cinnamon 🙂

  3. Hi oneanna, thanks for your like and comment on a previous post and for your like of the same post with a different image. Sometimes only when I have looked at a post that I have just done do I realise I’m not completely happy with it and have to change something about it. Best wishes as always, Phil

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