Everything gives you cancer

Hi everyone!
Janes is right.
You can’t eat all the time only healthy foods.
Sometimes have some delicious NO NO.
God bless you all.

Mastering Science

It seems that every week we hear something new gives us cancer; Coffee, chocolate, bacon just to name a few recent outcries. But one food group that keeps being hounded as a villain is processed foods. The high-sugar, high-salt, low-nutritional-content foods. The foods we all know as unhealthy, but keep going back to. Why? Because they’re quick and simple, but most of all, they’re tasty!

The reason why there are so many conflicting pieces of research out there is because they look at correlations, not causation. There may be a correlation between eating a lot of X food and a higher rate of Y disease. This gives us an indication about what is good and what is not, but doesn’t prove it. The reduction in pirates correlates with an increase in global temperatures, but that doesn’t mean those swashbuckling sea dogs combated climate change! And there’s a good reason for…

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15 thoughts on “Everything gives you cancer

  1. I’m actually reading a book on brain health and he permits junk food once a week although he says you’re better off not eating it. A more realistic approach to self-control.

  2. I said the same thing as your title whenever I read about another food that cause cancer. I believe in eating in moderation and ensure that you blessed it before consuming. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Anna thank you for posting. The love of my life is also hospitalised, I haven’t blogged for a month. He is also battling cancer – Fingers cross for him. Take care of yourself and let’s hope you are keeping well and that Spring has many good things in store for you.

  4. I believe, as did my late husband, healthy eating and drinking cannot harm us. Eating and drinking to excess will certainly do the opposite. What bothers me are the unknown chemicals introduced at the farming stage, as well as at harvesting to preserve the produce for trans-world marketing.

    You continue to be an inspiration to all who read your posts. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Just something I wanted to share:

    Kris: Well, one of our colleagues who also happens to be a friend had been absent from work for about ten days. Today, Friday, the cunt that’s our operations manager told us that on Monday she received a message from our friend informing her that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
    Vlad: Uhu.
    Kris: After her announcement we messaged him, his wife answered saying he died this morning.
    Vlad: Uhu.
    Kris: So by unanimously deciding to not tell us on Monday she made sure we’ll never see him again.
    Because I know that the second I would have known I would’ve called him and if he didn’t pick up I would’ve gone straight to his house.
    Vlad: Uhu.
    Kris: And when I asked her why her why she decided to wait four days before letting us know she answered that it was not her place to tell us.
    Vlad: So on Monday she feels like it’s not her place to tell you guys but suddenly on Friday she decides it’s ok?
    Kris: Exactly, and she was not at all aware of passing yet.

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