The Butterfly Effect

Hugs for Stuart!

Stuart's Fight with Cancer

Inspiration is a funny thing, a bit like a butterfly that lands on you, you can hardly feel its presence when it lands, but the beauty of the creature and the fact it has landed on you somehow make it special beyond the actual experience.

In the past few days I have been quietly and profoundly inspired by both people I dearly love and know very well, as well as those I have just met or only known a short time. My partner Sadie is a constant joy and my most treasured butterfly, she has kept me both sane and grounded by blending a realistic, factual outlook with the deepest and most tender love a man could ever hope for. You can’t have my Sadie, not a chance, but if it were possible, she should be prescribed to everyone suffering from cancer.

I went to a birthday party yesterday. It was my Tai Chi teacher, Anita’s, party and she…

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