Cancer Is Related To Iodine Deficiency. What Is The Solution?

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Here I rebloged one more for your health.
All about Iodine importance.
I take Sea Kelp – 150mcg – tablet every other day.
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Cancer Is Related To Iodine Deficiency. What Is The Solution?

Dr. Brownstein is an expert on iodine.

He wrote the book: Iodine: Why You Need it and Why You Can’t live without it. The book is in its 5thedition.

Here is the link:

The Thyroid Summit posted an interview with Dr. David Brownstein on Youtube.

Here is the link:

The Transcript is available. Here are the main points.

Dr. Brownstein: Iodine is deficient in over 95 per cent of people. Conventional medicine doesn’t recognize that and the consequences of this deficiency are problems with all the glandular tissue ,which is the thyroid, the breasts the ovaries, uterus and the prostate.

One in 7 women will develop breast cancer, one in 3 men will develop prostate cancer.  I say it’s all directly related to the deficiency epidemic that we’re seeing.

Interviewer: What’s the best way…

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14 thoughts on “Cancer Is Related To Iodine Deficiency. What Is The Solution?

  1. A couple years ago, my doctor said my thyroid was not operating ‘up to par’…. I don’t like prescriptions, so began researching this and learned iodine deficiency could be a cause, This seemed strange, since I knew iodine was in salt, but we switched to Himalayan rock salt a few years ago – it’s pink & flamingoes are pink because of the iodine in their diet, right? Wrong! Upon research, I learned that the Himalayan rock salt’s pink color wasn’t from iodine, so I added sea kelp to my diet and feel much better!

    1. I tried iodine and magnesium for my thyroid issues, to no avail. Now I’m stuck with a daily harmaceutical.
      *** to each our own
      Perhaps I’ll try the sea help and see what happens.

      As for flamingos, they are pink due to what they eat. A non pink flamingo definitely isn’t eating right. haha

      1. LOL, Kenneth, I always assumed that flamingos mainly ate shrimp, which are supposedly rich in iodine, and thus the pink came from the iodine… I may or may not be correct because I can’t recall when/where I got that idea.
        …. If at all possible, I try to avoid ‘harmaceutical’ products! Thankfully, I have an excellent doctor who supports my views. In fact, if I find something that works, she often gives it a try.

  2. The Welsh and Irish eat a form of seaweed. In Wales I have enjoyed Laverbread. It was tinned, but can be bought fresh if you’re lucky enough to be in an area with a fresh-fish market like Carmarthen or Swansea. I spread on hot toast with an anchovy spread called PatumPeperium,then topped it with slithers of smoked salmon and popped a second slice of hot toast on top to make a sandwich. It was fingers-licking delicious.

  3. I have stage 4 Breast Cancer and VERY low iodine. Should I start taking an iodine supplement (I did, but when I ran out did not buy any more) or eat sea kelp??

  4. I started using iodized salt because this is sad and true. We have destroyed our grounds and last I checked only a few places in north east had the iodine enriched greens. But even that said people don’t eat greens every day which is even more starling. Never thought of sea kelp. I love your blog!!!

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