Cancer Is Related To Iodine Deficiency. What Is The Solution?

Hi everyone!
Here I rebloged one more for your health.
All about Iodine importance.
I take Sea Kelp – 150mcg – tablet every other day.
Good health to you all!
God bless.

14 thoughts on “Cancer Is Related To Iodine Deficiency. What Is The Solution?

  1. A couple years ago, my doctor said my thyroid was not operating ‘up to par’…. I don’t like prescriptions, so began researching this and learned iodine deficiency could be a cause, This seemed strange, since I knew iodine was in salt, but we switched to Himalayan rock salt a few years ago – it’s pink & flamingoes are pink because of the iodine in their diet, right? Wrong! Upon research, I learned that the Himalayan rock salt’s pink color wasn’t from iodine, so I added sea kelp to my diet and feel much better!

    1. I tried iodine and magnesium for my thyroid issues, to no avail. Now I’m stuck with a daily harmaceutical.
      *** to each our own
      Perhaps I’ll try the sea help and see what happens.

      As for flamingos, they are pink due to what they eat. A non pink flamingo definitely isn’t eating right. haha

      1. LOL, Kenneth, I always assumed that flamingos mainly ate shrimp, which are supposedly rich in iodine, and thus the pink came from the iodine… I may or may not be correct because I can’t recall when/where I got that idea.
        …. If at all possible, I try to avoid ‘harmaceutical’ products! Thankfully, I have an excellent doctor who supports my views. In fact, if I find something that works, she often gives it a try.

  2. The Welsh and Irish eat a form of seaweed. In Wales I have enjoyed Laverbread. It was tinned, but can be bought fresh if you’re lucky enough to be in an area with a fresh-fish market like Carmarthen or Swansea. I spread on hot toast with an anchovy spread called PatumPeperium,then topped it with slithers of smoked salmon and popped a second slice of hot toast on top to make a sandwich. It was fingers-licking delicious.

  3. I have stage 4 Breast Cancer and VERY low iodine. Should I start taking an iodine supplement (I did, but when I ran out did not buy any more) or eat sea kelp??

  4. I started using iodized salt because this is sad and true. We have destroyed our grounds and last I checked only a few places in north east had the iodine enriched greens. But even that said people don’t eat greens every day which is even more starling. Never thought of sea kelp. I love your blog!!!

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