Hi everyone!
Here is one more bad news for cancer!
God bless.

Sante Organic Barley from New Zealand

Barley Grass is good for CANCER


Barley Grass is good for cancer because of the presence of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which restores the functions and repairs the body’s DNA to prevent cancer cells from developing. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is also a free radical scavenger of tumor cells.

Barley Grass is good for cancer due to the presence of P4D1 enzyme which destroys cancer cells and at the same time immediately repairs damaged DNA molecules of the cells.

It contains a high amount of Potassium (3,800mg/100g) which is very important in preventing new growth and multiplication of cancer cells.

It contains Peroxidase enzyme which breaks and neutralizes the carcinogenic black color substance in grilled meat and fish.
Barley is high in Alkaline that can destroys cancer cells.

It has a high score of Oxygen Radical Absorvance Capacity (ORAC value) of 25,500 per 100 grams having high amounts of oxygen carrying capacity…

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  1. Hi Cancerkillingrecipe, I like your post on barley being gooc for cancer. I heard that in the nineties. A dear pastor from Lynchburg, Viriginia Told us about the wonderful healing properties in Barley wheat and jucies. Thanks, for your post it brought back good memories of an old friend and some inspiring words of truth about plants that heal Father, God naturally provides.

  2. Hi and thanks for your support. Great Herb choice. Also. May interest some to realise such Greens are also GREAT for Kidney Stones too. To use the Dried and powdered mix in drinks esp. Water. Once the… Expelling… Period over. Simple daily a glass maintenance. Thanks.

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