About health.

What takes to be healthy?
1. No toxins
2. Low sugar
3. Enough oxygen
4. Stay alkaline
5. Eliminate stress

Today I want to write about toxins.

I found this interesting statement from “Total Health Institute”:
“If you put garbage in your driveway, it will attract flies.
How many cans of fly killing spray it will take to kill all the flies?
But if you remove the garbage, the flies will go away.”

This is the story of our health.
The garbage are the toxins that we ingest every day.
Cans of fly killing spray is the medicine.
And flies is the disease.

You got the picture.

So, to become healthy we have to remove toxins (garbage) from our body.

Louis Pasteur said this long time ago:
“We drink 90 percent of our illnesses”.

So, I think, it is very important to drink purest, safest water – which is DISTILLED WATER and of course eat healthy foods.

Some Doctors say that Distilled Water is bad for you.
It is about minerals.
Most of the minerals our body needs we get from foods (organics).
Not from the water
Distilled water removes non organic minerals and other poisons from
our body.

Tap water contains fluoride, mercury, pesticides, chlorine, asbestos, copper, chloramines, lead, non organic minerals which are the cause of most diseases.
The only way to remove these poisons from the water is by distilling.

Someone posted on the Web:
Well, it is to late for me for early death. I Am 71 years old. 🙂 !!!

So, here is to your health with tall glass of distilled water

Do you own research, ask your Doctor how to remove toxins from you body so you can be healthy again.

You see, I’m not a Doctor. I’m doing what I’m doing because I’m Oneanna65. 🙂 !!!

Thanks for visiting.
God bless.



43 thoughts on “About health.

      1. I’m making a plan with the intention of altering my diet too. Thus far, as they relate to fruits & vegetables, my research indicates that fruits and vegetables don’t usually make your body more acidic. Even citrus fruits have an alkalizing effect on your body once they’ve been metabolized.
        – Which is exactly what you said. –
        However, dried and sweetened versions of these foods may be acid-forming.
        – Apparently sugar is the trigger. –

      2. LOL – I don’t have cancer to fight, but my mother died of it, so I began ‘fighting it’ years ago as a sort of defense. We haven’t used cane sugar in ages – use stevia and honey, if we want something a bit sweet – though I also admit that we originally stopped cane sugar because of the way its growth/farming negatively impacted the environment.
        BTW, have you researched vitamin K for cancer control? If not, this article was interesting: http://www.k-vitamins.com/index.php?page=Cancer

  1. Hello Anna
    Good morning from Europe.
    Thank you for posting, you are making me aware of the dangers and the non danger zones. It’s been long time. You will realise I have changed my blog a bit. And I hope you are doing good and still around and enjoying life. I’ve been thinking of you and let’s hope summer is doing your fine. Enjoy the sun while it is slippers and shorts, the weather over here been hot and too hot. Hoping to hear from you soon. Take care and don’t forget to visit me. Big kisses from me and my girl. Love ya! Juli.

  2. What a wonderful blog! My best friend has metastasis breast cancer and is all about being as healthy as she can💛 This blog is perfect for her!

  3. Good question – yes, the answers are different, but the intention is similar. That I want the best I can do for myself in each area. I don’t know – more often the health stuff is more chore-like albeit essential. I try to make it fun though and lately, I also try to do several things each day purely for joy. Hoping to get to a point where that is essential too!

  4. i love what you share with us and you are allowing us to self-promote too this is a very great way to build good trust
    between web owner and a reader kindly share a few more post like this one if possible thank you so match

  5. Keeping the body in an alkaline Condition is the best way to stay healthy.

    There is need for us to stay healthy always and make sure to remove all toxins from our body.

    Drinking water should properly distilled before drinking too.
    Great tips you have here

  6. Wonderful blog and mind blowing information very educative i do own a psychedelic center where we do cure anxiety , depression ,Epilepsy , PSTD, and all forms of addictions and disorders as we do sell top quality products like mushroom , lsd , dmt , ibogaine so Im always happy learning from you would be visiting often

  7. Nice info. I am researching these days and started my business of Healthy snacks.
    I found Brown rice is wonderful with tons of benifits.
    Your blog gave me key inputs which I will incorporate in my healthy products.

    Thanks a lot for the valuable info

  8. Toxins are now an integral part in every thing we consume. Specially in less developed of our world health issues majorly created these toxins in our body which will effect our overall immune system. Let pray about removing these toxins by adopting a healthy life style.

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