Healthy Eating On A Budget

Here is one more for your health and your wallet.
Eat healthy, save and be happy.
God bless.

Sarah Curtis Health

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Hi Beautiful People,

How can you eat healthy on a budget? Let’s get savvy and pop some tags in the supermarket! Here’s my tips on how to shop smarter not harder, when it comes to healthy eating and shopping on a budget;

What to buy….

Hot Tip: Spend most of your shopping dollars on fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh meats, seafood and dairy, opt for whole grain bread and pasta, avoid processed and canned food in that order.

  1. Recommendation is to put fresh fruit and vegetables on top of your grocery list. Buy seasonal fresh produce, work with the ingredients that are on currently on sale in the supermarket and plan your meals accordingly around that.
  2. Proteins derived from meat like chicken or fish or plant based protein derived from things like kidney beans and dried lentils.
  3. Dairy; milk, cheese, greek yoghurt.
  4. Always opt for whole grains, whole grain bread and…

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11 thoughts on “Healthy Eating On A Budget

  1. We make our bread, so we know exactly what’s in it. My mother-in-law makes her own yogurt in a styrofoam cooler, but I haven’t tried that – yet.

  2. When you grow an organic raised bed veggie garden in your backyard, patio, balcony, or community garden, you get the best possible produce for little cost as well as a healing sanctuary.

  3. My mother has been recently diagnosed with cancer, yesterday was her second chemotherapy, and all the food you described is what she is eating, good advice for other people who has or know someone who has cancer

  4. This is what I do. I have an idea of what I want for the week’s menu. I buy meats when it’s on sale. I also try to buy tougher cuts of meat and use my pressure cooker and / or crockpot to prepare them. I always start with fruits and veggies and create my weekly menu from that. I prepare almost all my meals from scratch. When I have time, I also can seasonal fruits and veggies.

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