Vitamin C and Sugar – Who Knew?

Hi everyone!
Here is a Health Math for you all: + Vit C – Sugar = Healthy You πŸ™‚
God bless

Man vs. Suburb

Human cells have receptors on their membrane surface which allows certain compounds to cross over into the cell. These receptors are very specific in regards to the type of binding molecule (ligand) they will bind with. Sugar and Vitamin C have a similar structure and therefore enter cells using the same receptor – the Glut-1 receptor. Insulin (the ligand) moves both glucose and ascorbic acid into cells, including phagocytic immune cells. These cells remove microbes, tumor cells and debris from the blood.

Almost all animals have the ability to manufacture vitamin C within their bodies and have no need to consume it from external sources, with the exceptions being guinea pigs, primates, and humans. The vitamin C is manufactured from glucose, and because of this, the Glut-1 receptor prefers glucose and will choose sugar over Vitamin C when it has the option to. As such, Glucose and ascorbic acid are…

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7 thoughts on “Vitamin C and Sugar – Who Knew?

  1. Good post, Anna!
    I’m a firm believer in vitamin C, and I think orange juice is something of a “magic food” that makes everything else work better. Now I understand why increased vitamin C (and/or orange juice) makes us feel better.

    Take care, and get your OJ!


  2. Hi Oneanna… Thank you for liking my post about sin. You might get a laugh out of this. The email notification from WordPress said “They thought Sin was pretty awesome”. I love it when programmer’s fill-in-the-blanks backfire. Salud… Larrt

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