Treat Allergies Naturally

Dr. Sara Hart

Today on my walk I noticed the grasses have matured into an amazing array of color. Some are showing off a deep maroon blaze across their tips, others are glowing bright yellow. There are patches of every shade of green and now golds and browns too. All the while my eyes are admiring this scene, my nose says “Accchoooo!”

June hayfever is often related to this wonderful display of the grasses, a group of plants I once considered the most boring of them all. Upon closer examination, they are as miraculous in their creation and display of nature’s beauty as any other plant family.

The pollen of grasses has affected up to 30% of the population with an obnoxious reaction. Sneezing, runny noses, itchy eyes are all common symptoms of the immune systems activation towards the grass pollen. It’s as if it were a serious pathogen, in need of attack.

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5 thoughts on “Treat Allergies Naturally

  1. I have heard too that natural, local, raw honey can cure hayfever. It is said if you eat a spoon every day, your immune will accept the pathogens by the next year? Never tried it myself as I don’t suffer much with this type of allergy, but worth a try if you do! Good post, thanks for sharing with us!

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