Hi! I’m back.
And I have a lot explaining to do.
As you can see there are some problems with cancerkillingrecipe blog.

Well, I’m gonna try to explain shortly what happen.

You see, I decided that I want to have one more blog:

Because I like the HAPPY COFFEE.
I drink this coffee and I’m feeling younger, smarter, have more energy, I’m eating less and I’m feeling happier than I was before.
So I thought that sharing the great news, make some people happy was a great idea.
So I found a computer GURU and I told him:
“I wanna one more blog: with the new avatar: HAPPY FACE”.
And I told him: “I want those two blogs to be totally separate, because the one has nothing to do with the other.”
He said: “OK! NO PROBLEM!”.
But there was a problem after problem…
I was told that I can have only one avatar: red flower or happy face for both blogs…
That’s not good.
Than I reblogged a post for cancerkillingrecipe about ACV and it went to coffee blog. And it stays there because I don’t know how to cancel it.
What a mess!
Just be patient.
I;m sure all the problems can be solved in the near future, so I can be a HAPPY blogger. 🙂

Thank you for your patients.
God bless.
Ps. I hope this page will appear on the cancer blog when i press PUBLISH… 🙂 !

41 thoughts on “PROBLEMS.

  1. What a lot of bullshit that Guru came up with!
    This is WordPress and you can absolutely have one account, and under that account have as many different blogs as you like. Even if you have the domain somewhere else. The editing-posting is the same. You can have different gravatars and not be connected to each other – unless you yourself wants to. You also work with each blog separately, one at a time, so it’s impossible to mix them up.
    It sounds like you now have some kind of “program” (?), (or is it another domain?) where you now write the post and then decide where you shall publish it? If so – skip that and work directly in each blog editor

    Still, it shouldn’t be any mixing up! And no demands for the same gravatar.

  2. No Problem!! Always challenges to face and obstacles to overcome – that which doesn’t kill us…right?? In all things may you hear the voice of your heavenly Father, who loves you under any and all circumstances. Thanks for the like at DailyBiblePrayer. God bless you. laura

  3. Hello Oceana
    Bless you, I haven’t been to visit you. I am not at blogging for time being, but coming back soon. Well I am happy to have been here now. The problem with your new blog is that you may have just added the new domaine to the same site of cancerkillingrecipe. You need to send a message to wordpress and ask them to remove it because you want to totally have a different website. Or else you need to make a new email address and then sign into wordpress as a new customer and then draw up your website that you want, this is how you should have done. I hope it will all be sorted out for you the soonest. Well I hope you are having some lovely sunny days. I wish you all the best. Love you and leave you!

  4. Don’t worry. We’re all in some stage of the learning process. I’m an absolute beginner and am stumbling along, but I have patience, optimism, and tenacity. I think the subjects of both your blogs sound great and I’ll be checking them out.

  5. I have 3 WordPress blogs – 2 are active and one is inactive – all under one account. The gist of my 2 active blogs has nothing in common with each other. I have the same avatar for both blogs because the avatar is account based. If you want a different avatar for each of your blogs, you will need a separate account for each blog. Thank you for following ThusNSuch.

  6. Thanks for coming by! What I did – 2 wordpress blogs: each with their own email – and own password for each blog. But it’s a lot of work, because I now have to deal with 4 pass words!
    The avatar – haven’t come that far yet. May not change it, because the info stays the same.

  7. Hi, it is a while since I visited, sorry, but I am back and enjoyed this post thoroughly. Having two blog pages is a little like having two heads, and can be confusing at first but like everything else in life, it is a learning curve. Stick at it and all will come easier over time. Take care.

  8. Are your sites on WordPress or Blogger.G+ or from where? I have 2 sites on WordPress and even though I never got a website generated avatar, I uploaded my own gravatar to make things easy because this way I can have as many(that I know of) and use different ones or the same. Glad I did it this way. Sorry to here you’re having problems and hope you get things fixed.

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