Sweet Tea, Gravy, and Obesity.

Unapologetically, Southern.

Welcome to the South…where the tea is sweet, the gravy is wholesome, and we’re statistically the heaviest people in the US. I mean what can we say, we eatin’ good in these parts folks!

But there’s somethin’ very alarming happening here. Down right frightening. I was sittin’ in a class this week and I was hit with a statistic. “There are more obese children in the state of North Carolina than there are adults.” OH MY GRAVY! (No pun intended.) Let’s really let that sink in. Now, playin’ devils advocate I will say this, foods do have more additives, sugars, and other shit that they used to didn’t generations ago. And I can speak on the fact that genetics definitely plays a big role as well. So who is to blame? Parents. Us parents. You can’t even give me a single contradiction that will divert it away from, parents. There…

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Tea, Gravy, and Obesity.

  1. It is absolutely true! I live in NC and while I fight hard to keep my weight below normal comfort food, sweet tea and Duke’s mayonnaise are our nemesis. The further south you go the worse it gets (except maybe Florida, which is not southern because of northern transplants).

  2. Agreed. We’re raised on fried food, carb-o-licious foods and going all out in baking for every holiday we can come up with… you have to break out of those traditions or limit them.

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