New beginning.

I’m finally organizing my new life after months of hardships.
After I quit my job 6 months ago I lived with my old friend. It was OK at the beginning, but after few weeks the Lady got lazy, so I have to clean after her, her son and very old, sick cat. I like clean.
So I was paying the rent and I become live in housekeeper. The Lady was younger and healthier than I!
You see,I was very nice. Some people think that nice people are stupid and they take advantage.
This is the story of my life. I quit many jobs and relationships because I was too nice.
So I have to run.
I lived for 3 months with my other friends in a very small apartment, paying rent and sleeping on a very narrow couch in the living room…
Finally two weeks ago I found nice room, nice people.
But I better be very careful and don’t be so very nice this time… 🙂 !
I’m very tired after all this moving, packing and unpacking…But I should be OK here for some time.
Now I can write again.

Thank you for visiting

God bless

32 thoughts on “New beginning.

  1. I read these every time they come out because you were on the first people to
    Follow my blog. Sending you lots of love my friend. I hope you continue doing what you love regardless of everything going on around you. I know that can be hard.

  2. It seems to me some people are neat, and some aren’t= whether you’re nice or not… Some have the talent and some don’t= hopefully the new people have the talent for neat!

  3. You clearly have a kind heart and disposition despite your own illness. In scripture we see a powerful image of the Christ, loving and caring but he could also be challenging to those he came into contact with. Jesus was meek but he was not weak! Being caring does not mean you should be walked upon. At times it is right to stand up for yourself and to love yourself as much as you love others.

  4. Being too particular can sometimes be the cause of mistaken aggravation by the person you are sharing your space with. I too know the anguish this can cause. Having your own space is best, however much you like/love the other person – even your daughter or son, misunderstandings happen and everyone gets hurt. Hope all goes well n your new home.

  5. Totally understand what you mean of being nice to people and reactions from people.. your predicament is something I could totally relate.. I wish you joy and do be nice to yourself, first and foremost 🙂

    1. Isn’t it sad? One job I had, the boss really took advantage of me, paid me less than others less qualified. When I finally quit he said “Oh don’t go! You’re such a nice girl and everybody likes you.”
      I was almost forty with two adolescent children at home. I said, ” Is there a raise or some incentive to stay?” No, but he wanted me to stay and train a new employee (who was a man to be paid more than me). I think I should have smiled less and been more serious.
      Still – keep smiling!

  6. So funny to read this because I was just telling someone this morning that I think my cleaning practices are too high but I only know one way to live and I have it perfected after so many years. Change , no mater what it is will always be hard.

  7. I can relate, people have told me that I was too nice at various points in my life. Be careful of those who will take advantage….☺ I’ve gotten better of taking care of myself, and distancing myself from energy vampires and toxic people

  8. First, thank you for liking my post about naming our pets human names! I’m sorry that the world does not always give back what we give in. Kindness is often seen as a weakness and I can relate to that! Just remember that a lot of people are…I can’t think of the exact word…sorry! But their are pre-contemplative in how they are going to treat you. It is a shame people operate this way and like you probably hope, people would treat you as you treat them. After all, this is what I was taught at a young age. Turn the other cheek to bullying. But it didn’t work! Just know that you are special and the world needs sensitive people like you!

  9. My husband always tells me that others view being nice as a sign of weakness and take advantage and, have no respect for nice people. I don’t know how to not be who I am but I am learning that being a loving person doesn’t have to mean I am always “nice” or a door mat. Sometimes you have to say no to others and yes to your own needs. Take care.

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