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Looking after my daily water intake is something that I am continuously working on. I never realised how much you really need to drink in order to feel good and be healthy. This was highlighted to me by my partner, who also happens to be a PT (handy!).

Most of us go through life not drinking the recommended amount of water and think that we feel fine, so why is drinking at least 2 litres of water a day so important?

Well, drinking water helps you both sleep better and it also increases your energy levels. This is because your body needs water to function, if you are not giving it the water it needs, your body will start to “slump” and then you will feel exhausted.

Drinking water also promotes weight loss, it is said that water can increase your metabolism and therefore, burn calories faster. Water also keeps…

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  1. I have a 1 quart thermal cup (with straw) and drink one in the a.,m., one in the p.m…. just looked up the conversion for liters and am happy to learn I don’t need more. (1 liter = 1.056688 quarts)
    Happy hydrating!

  2. Good advice is never wasted. I’ve only recently discovered the delight of drinking sparkling mineral water with ice and a slice of lemon instead of that inevitable wine spritzer with soda.or G&T when out and asked the inevitable question: ‘What are you drinking?’

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