Eating well on a budget $$

Here is one great for you health and wallet.
God bless

Stacey's Health Blog

What I often hear is, “Eating health is expensive!” This certainly can be the case if you want to get fancy with expensive ingredients, but there are many ways you can eat well on a budget.

Keep it simple! Make a meal plan on the weekend or day off work for the week, writing a shopping list and only buy what you need. Schedule in any events you are out or late nights home into the plan so you don’t over shop and let food go unused and wasted.

Buying whole foods and sticking to the stores perimeter can add nutritional value and reduce cost, with highly processed foods generally found on the inner isles. Buying packaged or pre-cut foods are not only expensive, but don’t always off the nutritional value to whole foods.

Shopping for in season fruit and vegetables are usual more affordable as they are far more…

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