Body and Soul

Healing the Heart of the Earth

If we think we have a soul, we are wrong, we don’t have a soul.

We are a soul and we have a body.

So, from now on, don’t talk about being a body and having a soul, talk about being a soul and having a body.

And about that body, the vehicle that let’s us express ourselves within a physical dimension, it’s got a difficult job and we make it harder. We abuse it terribly, we don’t fill it with the best sustenance, we don’t look after it properly and we don’t love it, appreciate it or understand it.

If it was a car it would be on the scrap-heap, broken beyond repair, but our body is incredible, it keeps fixing itself and doing everything it can to keep going. We struggle with our health and moan about getting old, unfairly blaming our body for it all. We often…

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8 thoughts on “Body and Soul

  1. Thanks for reading in my blog and leaving me likes so I can come and get acquainted. I love your switch from a body that has a soul to a soul that has a body. I agree that we are an eternal soul.

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