Staying well later in life Part 2 – Magnesium

Cure for my Shoulders pain!!!
God bless you Sandra

Onwards and Upwards

Gosh our bodies are complicated old things! If I could summarise this latter part of 2019 it would be “powered by Magnesium”!

I like to think I am reasonably knowledgeable about health and nutrition but this totally surprised me. Last winter my left shoulder just stopped working and was excruciatingly painful, so bad I couldn’t work and couldn’t drive. After a few weeks this improved but while it was bad, I begged a walk-in emergency clinic to X-ray the shoulder (having literally walked from home as I couldn’t drive).

The response was lots of oohs and ahs. Calcified ligaments don’t always show on X-ray, but mine were so bad they did. This after years of misdiagnosis of frozen shoulder by my GPs. A follow up shoulder ultrasound scan showed all my shoulder ligaments were calcified (Calcific Tendonitis).

Physiotherapy was the only recommendation, but my shoulder was too painful at first…

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