Let’s Talk Sleep – Are you Getting Enough?

Holistic Health and Wellness with Trudy K Lee

I’ve been thinking about blogging about this topic for a long while now, as since last year, my sleep (or lack of it!) has really wound me up!

picture of bedroom with bed

Do you get enough? Do you wake up refreshed and ready to start the day?

Back In The Day

In times gone by, I used to have a lovely amount of sleep. I was a light sleeper, but I would always be able to go back to sleep. I used to have lovely lie in’s too.

And then I hit my 40’s, things changed, and I’m still coming to terms with my sleep issues!

I wake up at stupid o’clock most mornings!

I just can’t stop waking up between 4am and 5am. But why?

picture of alarm clock

They say as you get older you need less sleep, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen already!

According to http://www.sleepfoundation.org, adults between 18-64 need 7-9 hours…

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Sleep – Are you Getting Enough?

  1. Hi Kat, I’m so sorry I have only just seen you commented on my blog.
    Has your sleep improved at all (or is it worse due to lockdown?)

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