37 Herbal Remedies For Colds & Coughs

Lisa's Herb Remedies

It’s a fact of life, everyone gets a cold sometimes.  Along with colds comes cough, chest congestion, sinus infection, headache, body aches, stomach aches, and other complaints.

You could reach for over the counter drugs, or better yet, try some of the herbal remedies listed in this post.  If you can make a tea, than you can use herbs to heal yourself or a loved one.

When I have a terrible sore throat. One of my favorite hot drinks for sore throat is Marsh Mallow Root decoction.  It not only soothes my throat, but it calms my esophagus, stomach, and urinary tract.  It takes a little longer to make, but so worth the trouble.  I also love a Sage Tea gargle.

Learn to make a decoction here.  Making a great cup of tea is super easy, and I bet you already know how.  Place your loose tea or tea…

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