Want to be Happy? Here is the Secret Ingredient!

Two Tribes Primal Wellness for Men and Women

The universe does not hear what you are saying. It feels the vibration you are offering – Abraham Hicks

People desire happiness.

So many folks I’ve encountered say to me ‘I just want to be happy’. They want a happy, healthy marriage. They want to be happy at home or in their career.

Unfortunately, the way they are living is not conducive to happiness, as happiness comes from within ourselves. Only through unlocking the cage and setting our happiness free, can we find happiness. That key is in our hand and happiness is within our own power.

Why are people so unhappy, so negative and so stressed out?

When something negative happens to an individual, albeit the stress of work or home, job loss, death of a family member, illness, financial issues, relationship struggles, negative situations and encounters in the grocery store or at the mall, moodiness or fatigue, impending…

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