Allergies: When Food Attacks

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food-allergies-appear-to-be-on-the-riseLucretius wrote, “What is food to one is to others bitter poison.” Nowhere is this Roman philosopher’s observation more apparent than with the steep rise in food allergies over the last two decades. In years past, some few suffered an allergy to one type of food. Today, it is common to see people suffering from allergies to three or more foods. The scary part is that no one is certain of the cause or how to stop the problem. The allergic condition plagues a person with anxiety, food phobia and constant fear of reactions, sometimes up to and including death.

Why did generations before us not suffer from this epidemic? What is it that’s making us so allergic?

What Causes Food Allergies?

Food allergies have become the fifth leading chronic illness in the U.S., affecting up to 15 million people, according to…

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5 thoughts on “Allergies: When Food Attacks

  1. I have had two chronic auto immune diseases caused by food allergies which was really due to stress and leaky gut. I cured myself of the first (by avoiding wheat and gluten) and have greatly controlled the second (almost no flare ups) by avoiding sugar and limiting carbs. The first (which it’s been proven I am ok now) was Ulcerative Colitis and the second (rare outbreaks now) is Rhuematoid Arthritis. Do not underestimate the power of keeping a food diary and trying an elimination diet to figure out your triggers. And don’t forget to pray!!

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