Writers’ Block

I keep rebloging and I believe the clouds will lift.
God bless you all.


IMG_0182Writer’s Block
(For Kentucky Blue Angel)

This is a golden oldie that I am re-posting. Today, several people talked to me abut writers’ block. Here are my thoughts on the topic.

Every day, well, almost every day, I meet people who tell me that they cannot write anymore. They have abandoned their current project. They sit in their work space and stare at blank screens or empty walls. They have come face to face with the dreaded Writer’s Block.

While some consider Writer’s Block to be an actual illness, others flaunt it like a flag or a badge of honor:

“Don’t touch me — I’ve got Writer’s Block: I wouldn’t want you to catch it.”

“I’m having a bad week: I’ve got Writer’s Block.”

“Sorry, I can’t make the writer’s meeting, I’ve got Writer’s Block.”

According to Wikipedia, “Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated…

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8 thoughts on “Writers’ Block

  1. To clarify thoughts and rid my mind of clutter, I take a pen or pencil and write out every thought that crosses my mind …. do this for 15 minutes. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation – just write – there is something almost magical (at least for me) about this and how it aligns thoughts.

  2. Humble ain’t bad once you get used to it. Had I been an angel, to watch and guide you through life, I would not take away the strife…..it prepares us for a better life. Struggles keep me on my knees with an open mind to God bringing me His Holy Spirit. hummm

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