How I’m doing?

My Friend asked me this Morning: “How are you doing today Anna?”
So I told her: “Well, besides sharp pain in my both feet,dull pain in my both arms, stubbing pain in my left knee and hip, headache and earache I’m doing very good”. 🙂
As you know from my previous posts I try everything: essential oils, turmeric ginger,willow bark,CBD, Non of it give me relief. My last hope is THC, Marijuana stuff. But I can not afforded now.
Tylenols, Ibuproffins,Lyricas are not for me, because my liver and Kidneys are damaged by Chemo and Radiation. Marijuana is healthier. And helps to relieve pain. I will get some edibles or tincture.
I don’t like to smock. I will get to high and I will have to sleep all day. I don’t want to do that.

And I’m working on new edition of my old book.My old Friend published my book few years ago, but she messed up very badly. Finally I find someone who is willing to help me to make new edition of my old book.
And I have couple new chapters to ad to it.
Is going to be a great book. I’m very excited.

That’s all for now. My arms and hands are hurting.

Thank you for visiting.
God bless you all.


12 thoughts on “How I’m doing?

  1. Don’t think that my silence means that I’m not keeping up with your posts.. Every one arrives via email notification, and it’s good to know when you’re doing well – or not so well….. after all, you will always be our queen, lovely amiga!

  2. I do not know your full history, or whether you have tried, would even want to try, and I have no experience on using it for pain from cancer treatments, but for the pain of mastoiditis (infection of the bone behind the ear), joint pain from arthritis and overall pain/inflammation, I get relief from using a $6.98 red colored chicken brooder lamp, clamped about 3 feet above my bed (I use the curtain rod to clamp 3 lights too) – – I first came across it at this website link: and I was desperate from the pain – AND I ‘over did’ because within 3 minutes, the pain relief was so wonderful, (and I was supposed to limit to 5 minutes) I just kept doing it more for the relief when the pain came back (relief which lasted longer after each ‘treatment’) however, overdoing adds the discomfort of ‘detoxing’ i.e. feel like you are coming down with flu/cold, but you never actually get sick – sigh – so best to follow the directions of ‘working your way up” but this style of self-care has been immensely beneficial to me on many levels since 2013 and is part of my self-care routine – read and see if you believe the option of trying a ‘small dose’/attempt is low risk enough for you – :). P.S. my mom clamped to close and burned her butt while trying to get up – keep ’em high up to avoid injury! :). takes longer for relief, etc, but less concern over accidentally touching them – when you’re nekked – 🙂

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