How long do we think we’re going to live, really?


Early in the Morning

Face-palm slapping warning for this blinkered prediction of human longevity for the future in The Guardian. I’m not betting it won’t happen – I’m not betting it will either – I’m just astonished it didn’t see the elephant in the room.

Who predicts the likely future based on an interpretation of the past; did history teach them nothing? To say nothing of roping in a Roman from the first century BC and the factually reliable Book of Genesis as expert witness. We could live to 1000. I say, don’t hoard your candles yet – or even at all.

The piece states that there are three groups of thought on future longevity: Levellers, Extrapolators, and Accelerators. It appears to ignore the group which forecasts a decline based on the problems we know for a fact we are facing: the climate emergency, fresh water source depletion, food shortages, antibiotic resistant germs, and…

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