Cope like a dandelion

Cyber hug to you all.
God bless

Endless Seeker

I imagine a lot of people are feeling kind of like this dandelion right now – stuck between a rock and hard place (or in this case between two slabs of concrete). Life as we knew it has changed into a life of utter uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds fear, and fear is powerful. It can either motivate us to act – sometimes foolishly – or it can paralyze us into inaction and a decline in mental health.

As this Covid-19 pandemic unfolds, I find myself vascillating between fear and calm, between action and inaction, between hope and worry. Everyone has to find their own way to cope with this uncertainty and new way of living a socially distant life. My way includes spending time outdoors, in nature, with the trees, birds, weeds, and wildlife that have proven over and over again to be my best teachers and healers.

Take that dandelion…

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