Some Information that needs to be considered about the Coronavirus

B all save.
God bless.

Redford Connection

By Jim Bailey, R.N.

SHARE this with as many as possible to help counter the misleading information given by the folks in government —


I am a Registered Nurse and have been one for better than 30 years. I also hold an elected position in local government. Being in the healthcare field, like you, I work with exercises to limit disease transmission on a day to day basis. Trying to pass on the same strategies learned in the healthcare field to people making decisions in local, and higher, government is a head banging, uphill sort of thing.

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You are a physician, so you should be a step up on understanding this. You also have a bully pulpit to ask the hard questions not being asked by the media. The media looks at the credentials of these really smart people and they just go along with…

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5 thoughts on “Some Information that needs to be considered about the Coronavirus

  1. Thank you for posting this! Certainly there are things that don’t add up. We know that schools and many businesses have been closed down—and people have been told to stay home. No one seems to know how long this will last, and this has created an increasing level of fear.
    The grocery stores are still open, and we are told it is still OK to go out and buy food. So people, in fear of running out of food at some point, are rushing to the grocery store. As a result, large amounts of people are gathering together inside of the food stores, buying whatever they can. In this type of very, very crowded scenario—‘Social distancing’ (staying 6 feet away from someone else) is not possible.
    Seems this negates everything else….Hard to understand.

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