It Is What It Is, But That’s Not All

Be save. Pray.
God bless


God bless

Now or Never

It is what it looks like, but that ain’t all it is. 🙂

What? I know. But that’s as real as I could make it sound.

It looks bad. And a lot of it is bad. I’m not saying its not. Daily, I’m praying for hope and encouragement. I don’t write about being positive because I’ve mastered it. I write about it because that’s what I struggle with. This is how God keeps me accountable and teaches me as well.

It’s bad, it’s sad, but this isn’t all there is. There is a lot going on, but there’s still more. I’m still seeing babies being born. I’m still reading “cancer-free” posts. I’m seeing families investing time together.

People are sick. People are dying, and we all need to be in constant prayer for them and for our world and leaders. However, illnesses are being cured. Lives are being brought into…

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