Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is one of my favorite oils. It is free of cholesterol and trans fat, contains only 1% Omega-6 and is rich in medium-chain “good fats” that doctors recommend. It’s a nutritious baking oil, as well as, a delicious butter substitute on bread, vegetables, or popcorn. You can add a bit of coconut oil to smoothies or oats for a bit of healthy fat to keep me feeling full or using it instead of olive oil for roasting and stir-frying.

Coconut oil contains essential anti oxidants, medium chain triglycerides (MCT), Laurie acid, caprylic acid and capris acid. But what does this mean in terms of benefit to us? Here’s a snapshot of the healing and health benefits of coconut oil :

  • Skin Care – The MCT in coconut oil act as a natural skin conditioner. Deeply penetration and moisturising, they protect against environmental & free radical damage. It also helps…

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3 thoughts on “Benefits of Coconut Oil

  1. Fans of coconut oil point to studies that suggest the MCT-saturated fat in coconut could boost your HDL or “good” cholesterol. This, they claim, makes it less bad for your heart health than the saturated fat in animal-based foods like cheese and steak or products containing trans fats.But it also raises your LDL “bad” cholesterol.

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