What the heck is wrong with me?

I’m in pain. Constant pain. My arms and legs are hurting very badly. It all started 10 years ago, after my cancer treatment. During one of my chemo sessions the nurse forgot to dilute the poison and she almost executed me. She flushed me out with some saline ( i think ). I was ok after this incident, but I was never the same. But, never mind, I was happy to be alive.
And then, two weeks later, my lungs, esophagus and part of my hart got burned by radiation.
I was in horrible pain and I was coughing out pieces of my lung. It looked like a piece of undercooked hamburger. Well, the doctor paid for my morphine. And two weeks later I was again almost ok.
And again I was happy that I was alive. But I have a scars allover my lungs and my esophagus.
I’m telling you, I;m a survivor.
Don’t take wrong, I love doctors and nurses. It was just my bad luck. Everybody make mistakes.
So after all those treatments only I survived, my tumor didn’t. I was cancer free and alive!!!My liver and kidneys are damaged, but I’m almost ok.

Few months later I started having pain in my feet and arms.
Because of my damaged liver and kidneys I can not take painkillers… I just have to suffer.
Thorough all those years I’m searching for some remedies to easy the pain. I tried most of them.
I didn’t found nothing what will really take my pain away.

I keep searching …
And I think that I found what is the problem. I think my all body is full of poison, yeah, garbage.
I have to get rid of the toxins so my pain will go away.
And I think I found how to do it.
Fasting. ( The cheapest way! ) Yes, you just eat much less. When you are hungry you healthy cells like a little PACKMENS are searching for energy source and they will eat the old and seek cells and other harmful stuff.
I don’t like to be hungry, but I got to do what I got to do…
I’m going to be nice to myself: Tree days a week I will eat normally. Two days only late breakfast and early dinner. And two days only one meal.
And of course I will eat healthy foods and drink lots of good water.
I’m so happy that finally I found out what the heck is wrong with me.
Wish me good luck.

Thanks for visiting.
God bless.


21 thoughts on “What the heck is wrong with me?

  1. I’ve heard about a toxin removal spray called TRS… I’m in a facebook group where 100’s of women have used it to heal their children from what they think may have been the toxins in our vaccines 😦 I was skeptical at first, but I’ve been in the group for a couple of years now I think and it’s just story after story after story of healing.

    It may not be the answer at all, but it may be worth looking into for you… https://www.facebook.com/groups/TRSaSafeHeavyMetalsDetox

    Other than that, fasting is supposed to work wonders for getting rid of sick cells or even aging cells. I have a degree in biology and studied fasting and it’s affects on the cellular system extensively… it’s strange how just fasting can do so much. Just thought I’d let you know about the toxin removal spray, too, though, because if it’s something that was in the chemo then you’ll probably need more than jsut fasting I think.

    I’m so sorry you’re still going through this.

  2. Water fasting is extremely effective for detoxing. It makes such a difference! I have gotten rid of toxins through fasting. Heavy metals also go with a smoothie of cilantro or parsley and water. A friend was water fasting about 7 days when anesthesia began to leave her body. She had 2 surgeries in less than 12 hours, with double anesthesia, and had lost her strength. Once she fasted and the excess left and she never felt better. It helps to reset the body. Anna, fasting and prayer are powerful.

  3. I can relate about the pain. There are some things I can no longer do because of pain in my wrist and arm which is also related to treatments and medications for my breast cancer. I’ve heard it before that fasting is good for the body. But it is so hard to do. Just foregoing snacks is already a challenge.

  4. Sending hugs your way, dear Anna.
    Cranberry juice is a good natural flush.
    Orange juice is a magic food, with many good effects and benefits.

    All my best,


  5. sorry to hear that you still feel the pain and I hope your new plan and fasting are working well for you. i completely understand how hard it is to continuously feel pain and agony, especially because my sister also has cancer so I know how tough the treatment itself is. I wish you the best of luck and always remember that after every dark road there is a light waiting to shine on you.🤍

    I am also planning on writing a book about my sister’s journey fighting brain cancer and how I grew up with a sense of fear and hope towards this bittersweet experience, so stay tuned for that if interested😅

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