Where Is Your Hope Now?

Life With CD

It seems like the appropriate time to ask the question.

Things going wrong all around. Inside and out, there doesn’t seem to be anything going right at all. So when all of that is kicking off the question is reasonable:

Where is your hope now?

Underneath that question is something that suggests that if the hope was worthwhile then these kind of situations wouldn’t be happening. If the hope was worthwhile then why is it so dim and far away in the context of these trying circumstances. If the hope is worthwhile where is it now in the midst of the pain, the confusion, the loss?

Behind that there is an essential challenge that says the hope is not worthwhile. The hope is a sham. The hope is a pitiful refuge for the delusional. So for the sake of the exercise, there’s no point holding on to the futility of…

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2 thoughts on “Where Is Your Hope Now?

  1. I will step up to say… no smoking hope here, The strong survive the times in between the in-between times. And now? It’s an in-between time.

    The strong’s inspirational goad-you-along statements that, yes, are insprirational, and yes just as much missing the substance of how to do so?

    They may now fall off like chaff from wheat in the wind… as people see what matters. Devoid of the usual chatter, people may find their own diamond in the rough signal, maybe even for the 1st time.

    May I suggest ImaginAction?

    No charge. Value over price. How is your life, your way, best reinforced, enhanced, and strengthened?

    “Where is your hope now?”

    Now, is what it is. How can you adapt and thrive?

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