Wisdom is a Double Edged Sword

I can see those monsters without the glasses…
God bless

Mac Yaks

Wisdom is a double edged sword…

Contrary to what its rarity might suggest, wisdom is not actually very hard to obtain. In fact, it is one of the few things the Bible states we will be given whenever and no matter how often we ask for it. God does live up to this bargain too, but… if you long for wisdom to stand over others and have the masses come from far and wide to hear of your guidance in order to govern their lives…. give up…. wisdom is not quite what people often think it is…
Imagine you found a pair of glasses lying on the ground, and when you put them on you suddenly saw monsters standing all around you. These monsters were always there, and cause great calamity to those who encounter them through injury, corruption, or even destruction… but they are also invisible to…

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